Aroma Acupoint TherapyTM - Using Essential Oils in Chinese Medicine (engl./dt. Übersetzung)

Peter Holmes LAc, MH

Essential oils exhibit the quality of their Qi mainly through their fragrance, just as plants
and foods exhibit the quality of their Qi mainly through their taste – this is the key to their
energetic nature. The basic framework for using essential oils in Aroma Acupoint Therapy
is a clinical, empirical model of the energetic properties of essential oils based on their
aromatic qualities. Essential oils are broadly divided into high, middle and base tones,
corresponding to their rising, circulating and sinking energetic movements, respectively.
Knowing the fragrance qualities of oils allows the practitioner to track their energetic or Qi
movements in the body from the head down to the feet.
In this innovative, hands-on seminar, you will discover …
• A gentle yet profound system of using the potent
essential oils with acupuncture or bodywork to
dramatically enhance your practice
• How to select the oils and match them accurately
to specific acupoints and body zones
• How to obtain transformative results treating
common conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain,
depression, racing mind, loss of motivation,
muscle tension, insomnia, fatigue, burnout, etc.
• How to perform the clinically invaluable Six-
Conditions assessment on a new client
• Exploring the specific actions of the top 24 essential
oils to correct a client’s energetic imbalances
• Practicing the detailed protocols for
Acupuncture or bodywork alone are often insufficient for producing the kinds of results
we ideally want to see with our clients. Genuine essential oils when used with specific body
points and reflex zones can bring a powerful as well as fragrant new dimension
to our practice.
Holding certain oils on specific matching points will modulate neuroendocrine functions by
activating peptides, thereby triggering profound energetic changes in the individual. These
can be monitored by often immediate positive changes in the complexion and pulse, as well as
providing valuable symptom relief.
Aroma Acupoint Therapy™ excels at relieving mental and emotional as well as physical symptoms.
It can prove truly transformative and result in lasting shifts in treatment outcome. In an
acupuncture practice, Aroma Acupoint Therapy will also prove invaluable for patients afraid of
needles or too young or deficient to tolerate them. In a bodywork practice, it will also allow
the therapist’s fingers to take a deserved break while the oils are gently applied to the active
points. This information-packed workshop will present the
essential practical information needed to start using this effective, safe and user-friendly
treatment modality n clinical practice right away.
Seminar language is englisch, translation Roswitha Laabs

Peter Holmes is a practitioner of Oriental Medicine and Medical Herbalist
with over 30 years’ experience of using botanical remedies and essential
oils in clinical practice.
He continues to develop both physiological and psychological applications for
essential oils, and has pioneered their use in Chinese and energetic medicine
for over 30 years. Peter is co-creator with Tiffany Pollard of Aroma Acupoint
Therapy. He is author of many acclaimed textbooks on herbal and essential oil
medicine, including Aromatica, Clinical Aromatherapy, The Energetics of Western
Herbs, Jade Remedies and The TCM Materia Medica Clinical Reference & Study Guide.

course hours
Friday 10:00-18:00
Saturday 10:00 –18:00
Sunday 9:00-15:00
AGTCM Members 350€