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Oncology Acupuncture

Dr. Yair Maimon PhD OMD Ac.
Dr. Julia Hartung MD (engl.)

International Certificate Program in Berlin.
In Cooperation with TCM Academy of integrative Medicine/Israel.

Part 1
is an online module.
Part 2 is face to face teaching in Berlin on 5./6. Oktober 2019

It is advisable to complete the online program before the face to face weekend, so that a basic knowledge already exists.

Program Description
This is the most comprehensive course in the field of oncology acupuncture. This innovative
international certification program includes state of the art eLearning courses from leading
professionals, as well as face to face teaching. This program:
● will open doors for its graduates to get acceptance and take part in clinics and
hospitals who integrate acupuncture treatment in their patient care.
● will convey the skills and abilities to treat cancer patients, reduce suffering and promote healing.
You will learn about the ample amount of evidence based research which shows the benefit of oncology
acupuncture in cancer care. This certification program is a collaboration of worldwide experts in the
field of TCM Oncology. The online course is accredited for the MA/Phd program given by the Nan Jing
University of Chinese medicine and approved for PDA points by the NCCAOM.
This program provides the Western and Chinese medical background which is necessary for practitioners
to achieve the high competence which they need to treat cancer patients. The program provides practical
tools for TCM practitioners so they can treat cancer patients with confidence.


Western medicine

An Introduction to Western Medical Understandings,Classifications and Diagnosis
Dr. Julia Hartung MD
Learn the different types of cancer and how a western medical oncologist classifies the
type and stage of cancer and create a prognosis and a treatment
plan. Including: diagnosis procedure and stage of cancer. Including introduction to
diagnostic procedures such as: biopsy, imagery tools (Ultra Sound, CT, Pet- CT, bone
scan, MRI), cancer cells histology. Medication to manage side effect.
Common Treatment Options in Cancer
Dr. Julia Hartung MD
Expand and intensify your understanding of common treatments available for cancer in the western medical system and their side effects.
Build up your vocabulary and understanding to communicate confidently with patients and
medical staff.

Warning Signs of Cancer, East and West
Dr. Yair Maimon Phd & Dr. Julia Hartung MD
This lecture deal with the warning signs of cancer from a western medical perspective and its
explanation from a chinese medical perspective. A key lecture in understanding cancer from
the TCM point of view.
Precaution/contraindication in Oncology Acupuncture
This lecture explains the Dos and Don’ts in cancer care with the relevance to Oncology
acupuncture in cancer care.

Communication with Cancer Patients
Dr. Julia Hartung MD
Learn how to communicate with cancer patients and understand their emotions while they are
being confronted with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Learn to recognize and
understand the emotions of patients and helo them to understand and handle their
disease better to improve their quality of life.

Chinese medicine

Treatment of Radiation Side Effects
Dr. Yair Maimon Phd
This course takes you from the logic of the western medical intervention of radiotherapy into
the differential diagnosis of its side effects by CM.
In this course, you will diimmerse into the pathology and the acupuncture strategies & points that
can be used with patients undergoing radiotherapy treatments, especially for patients with
head and neck cancer who are suffering from dry mouth.
Treatment of Nausea in Cancer Patients Dr. Yair Maimon Phd and Dr. Julia Hartung MD
In this course you will immerse into the pathology, acupuncture strategies and points that can
be used with patients undergoing conventional treatments, especially for patients suffering
from nausea and vomiting.
Treatment of Constipation in Cancer Patients
Dr. Yair Maimon Phd and Dr. Julia Hartung MD
This course will introduce you to the pathology and the acupuncture strategies and points
that can be used for patients undergoing conventional treatments, especially for patients
suffering from constipation and digestive problems. In addition to the understanding of TCM
you will get insight into western medicine relative issues as well as advices for better
management of constipation.
Treatment of Diarrhea in Cancer Patients
Dr. Yair Maimon Phd and Dr. Julia Hartung MD
In this course you will immerse into the pathology, the acupuncture strategies and points that
can be used with patients undergoing conventional treatments, especially for patients
suffering from diarrhea and digestive problems. In addition to the understanding of TCM you
will get insight into western medicine as well as advices for better management of diarrhea.

Outstanding Proof of TCM in Cancer Care Dr. Yair Maimon PhD
Learn how to integrate and communicate the effectiveness of acupuncture in mainstream
cancer treatment. This course will present groundbreaking insights, based on recent
researches published in leading scientific journals, proving the effectiveness of acupuncture
relating to improve the quality of life of cancer patients, especially during
chemotherapy periods.
Latest Research in TCM Oncology
Dr. Gil Barzilay PhD
Capitalizing on the rapid expansion of clinical research in Chinese Medicine over the last
decade, this course shares  the latest research related to treatment and/or
palliative care in Oncology from the point of view of the different methods of Chinese Medicine:
acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and Qi-Gong.
Lecture series - oncology acupuncture research
Dr. Gery Deng MD PhD - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center NY
Dr. Jun Mao MD - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center NY
Eleanor Walker, MD - Henry Ford Health System - Detroit, MI
Dr. Gil Barzilai PhD
Lecture series that describes in detail the state of the art in cancer acupuncture research
conducted at medical centers with best scientific methods.
Each description allows the viewer to understand the methods and results of acupuncture
in the field of oncology in a better way.

Targeting the Hallmarks of Cancer with Nutrition
Sharon Bar-Gil ND
Subtitled as "From Current Research to your Kitchen Table”. Iin this course, Sharon Bar-Gil
deal with both the theoretical and practical ideas about nutrition and cancer.
How can we utilize nutrition to target known cancer mechanisms - an integrative approach.
Herbal medicine
TCM Botanical Formula LCS 101: Research and use in cancer Care
Dr. Yair Maimon PhD
LCS 101 is a unique botanical formula proven to have effects on immunity, anticancer and a
reduction of chemotherapy side effects. In this course, you will become familiar with the
research about the effectiveness of the formula and its clinical usage.
Discussion on Chinese and Allopathic Medicine in Oncology:
Interview with the senior oncologist Dr. Julia Hartung ( MD) by Dr.
Yair Maimon ( PhD)
An interview with a conventional oncologist who practices both medicines. This is a unique
combination which reflects on both medicines. This conversation allows an insight into the
strength of integrative medicine in cancer care and the value of chinese medicine in

OFFLINE PART (face to face)

Western Medicine

Revision, Diagnosis and Treatment of Different Typesof Cancer
Cancer treatments and palliative care for different types of cancers including breast, colon,
prostate and gynecological cancers. Each cancer and its stage and grading needs different
treatment modalities. Effect and side effects of western medicine.
Epidemiology, risk factors/stages/ prognosis in presented case studies.
Revision of previous studies of home study module.

Understanding Research and Oncology Acupuncture Research
Evidence based medicine , research method and decision making in western medical
research. The decision  process in oncology based on research and the evaluation of
oncology acupuncture publications from a scientific point of view.

Chinese Medicine

Analyzing cancer patterns evaluating pre existing condition

Formation of cancer from a TCM perspective. Differential diagnosis and treatment of basic
patterns. Understanding tumor types: Phlegm, heat, stagnation and other patterns. Pre
existing conditions of cancer including deficiency of Qi , Blood and Yin and of excess
including Toxins, Heat, Phlegm and LPF . Understanding Tumor development from Chinese
medical dynamics.
Treating Side Effects of Chemotherapy
Chinese medical differential diagnosis of common side effects such as: nausea and
vomiting, xerostomia, white and red blood levels reduction, immune system tonification,
and fatigue.
All conditions are discussed with the relevant evidence based research, TCM diagnosis and
tips for the patients.
Treatment of the Immune System
The Role of Shen and Jing in Cancer. Focusing on marrow, bone marrow, production of red
blood cells, white blood cells, and Wei Qi. Physiology of the immune system especially the
production of Qi and Blood as understood in Chinese medicine.
Cases Study
In depth case studies of cancer patients, cancer survivors and cancer patients undergoing
western therapies. Including western and Chinese medical diagnosis, treatment strategies
and acupuncture treatment. Special attention to understanding medical reports , case
management and quality of life advices.
Special Needle Techniques
Usage of different needle techniques. The Treatment of Scars, press needles including a discussion
of safety in needling.
Treatment of patients with suppressed immunity - dos and don'ts. Precautions in treating
patients undergoing chemotherapy at different stages of treatment. When to focus on side
effects and when on  general condition. When not to treat. Discussion of safety issues of
Patient management and expectation.

Dr. Yair Maimon PhD OMD Ac.
Dr. Maimon is an internationally renowned figure in the field of
Integrative and Chinese Medicine with over 25 years of clinical,
academic and research experience in the United States,
Europe and Israel. Dr. Maimon integrates complementary and
western medicine in his own unique way. He combines a vast
background of TCM styles with a wide clinical and teaching
experience. His teaching is clear and inspiring.

Dr. Julia Hartung MD
Internal medicine specialist. Dr. Julia Hartung MD is specialized in
hematology and internal oncology. With her further education
in Chinese Medicine she bridges, in her own clinic,
conventional and complementary medical therapies.

course hours
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 9am - 4pm
Online Modul: 15 credits - Offline Modul (face to face) : 15 credits (Credits for Ärztekammer Berlin are requested.)
938 Euro
Members of AGTCM an other TCM associations: 750 Euro

The amount of 400 EUR must be paid with the booking of the course - YOU GET A SEPERAT BILL, PLEASE DO NOT PAY BEFORE RECEIVING A BILL. The remaining amount must be paid up to 27.9.2019.

After paying the first rate, the Acadamy of integrative medicine will give you access to the online Modul for at least 2 years.