Shou Zhong - Ausbildungszentrum für Chinesische Medizin e.V.

Training centre for Chinese Medicine

Shou Zhong was established in 1991. The idea was - back then as well as now - to offer an education that has the scope and quality of vocational training for Chinese medicine. We appeal to doctors and alternative medical practitioners (Heilpraktiker) who see Chinese medicine as the focus of their treatment. It is also possible to attend the training without prior medical knowledge.
The scope of the acupuncture training with more than 1230 training hours makes it possible to provide independent diagnoses by means of classical methods such as pulse and tongue diagnosis and to help students develop their own treatment strategies. The theoretical knowledge is strengthened by hands-on, practical training which is an important part of the education which takes place over a period of two years. Instructors with many years of practical experience supervise you at this time in the treatment of patients.

The quality of our comprehensive curriculum is guaranteed by the close cooperation with the 'Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Klassische Akupunktur und Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin' (AGTCM - Association for Classical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the other four affiliated schools in Germany. We take part in international exchanges with training centres in Europe and beyond, ensuring an internationally recognised education at the highest level.
Our lecturers have completed a wide variety of training programmes and have practiced different focal points for many years in Berlin, so that we have a profound and varied range of knowledge with a lot of experience to pass on.

Our Team

Jutta Bernig, Uta Feiler, Bastiane Hartmann, Renate Ilg, Ulrike Krüger-Gries, Clemens Prost, Suzanne Rainer, Margot Schlemender-Mischo, Nina Siegling, Achim Wypler

Overview of our training

First year of training

The guiding principle of Chinese philosophy is to achieve a harmonious balance between people and their environment, disease is understood as a disharmony with this balance. The basis of teaching has the annual cycle as its structure. Thus, the training starts in February with the Chinese New Year. Three training weekends run according to the five phases in line with the respective season.

Introduction - 1 weekend

  • Philosophical, historical and philological principles

Diagnostic principles - 2 weekends

  • Formation and functions of Qi, blood and fluids
  • Recognizing the differentiation of syndromes according to the guiding criteria and causes

Five Phases - 5 weekends

  • Five Phases in the microcosm and macrocosm
  • Points of the Five Phases (Antique points)
  • Energetics of the Five Phases

Zang Fu - 11 weekends

  • Physiology and pathology of the organs and meridians, Qi Gong - 5 weekends
  • Meridian pathways and important points
  • Basic exercises in Qi Gong

Second year of training

The goal of the second year of training is to develop and carry out treatment by means of anamnesis, diagnostics and point knowledge. For this purpose, we teach more than 250 acupuncture points along with diagnostic principles. The practical implementation will take place under the supervision of our teachers.

Pulse diagnosis - 4 weekends

  • 28 pulse qualities in theory and practice with intensive training of pulse and Tongue diagnosis - 2 weekends
  • Differentiation between images of the tongue in theory and practice

Medical history and questionnaire (anamnesis) for diagnosis - 1 weekend

  • Important aspects of the anamnesis
  • Application of diagnostic methods

Introduction to needling - 1 weekend

  • Needle techniques, acupuncture with various types of needles
  • Energetics during acupuncture

Meridian pathway system - 1 weekend

  • Overview of meridians in different layers
  • Connections between meridians and their use

Meridians and their points - 7 weekends

  • The characteristics and points of all meridian pathways and their practical use

Japanese Meridian Therapy - 1 weekend

  • Theory and practice of balancing the meridians
  • Intensive practice with Hara diagnosis and pulse diagnosis

Third year of training

Moxibustion, cupping and Gua Sha - 1 weekend

  • Learning the different methods, indications and contraindications, practical exercises

Dietetics - 1 weekend

  • Principles and application of Chinese Dietetics

Point combinations - 1 weekend

  • Interplay and interaction of points for various concepts such as the six layer model, the Chinese Organ Clock, the five phases and more.

Differentiating Western diseases - 8 weekends

  • Diseases of the head, the lung, the skin, the abdomen, urology, gynaecology, muscle and joint disorders, treatment of pain

Qi Jing Ba Mai - 2 weekends

  • Theory and indications for the eight extraordinary vessels with Hara diagnosis

The special points - 1 weekend

  • Dragon Points, demon points, ghost points, and more. What they are used for.

Recipes of Chinese medicines for acupuncturists - 1 weekend

  • Introduction to Chinese drug therapy with easily applicable recipes

Tuina for acupuncturists - 1 weekend

  • Introduction to Chinese massage therapy with practice-relevant exercises


Languages B1 level, which should be extended in the course of training to C1 level provided it is intended to practice in Germany and to make the examination to become a "Heilpraktiker".


Visit an information evening, come to our open day, or to a trial lesson.
A personal consultation can be arranged at any time.
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Start of training

Every year in February, entry into ongoing training is also possible.
Find out about your options at our office:
Tel 030 2904 4603


3 years, 1230 teaching hours, 53 weekends
Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00
240 lessons in our teaching practice in the 2nd and 3rd year
Four-days of examinations


Diploma of AGTCM on successful completion of the final examination in combination with an existing alternative medical practitioner certificate (Heilpraktikerschein) or a license to practice medicine as a doctor. If you do not possess the alternative medical practitioner certificate or a license to practice medicine, you will receive a certificate on successful completion of the examinations, but you can't practice in Germany with this.


€ 295 monthly, € 100 registration fee (you don't have to pay this if you register until 15th of December)


Please send us a short cover letter with your resume.

Office opening hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9:00 and 14:00
Tel. 030 2904 4603 |

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